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Why Mimos

Why choose for a Mimos Pillow?

With a unique design where the pillow is made up of 90% air, we ensure that oxygen can freely circulate. This means your baby always has enough breathing space, contributing to a safe and healthy sleeping environment. Trust Mimos Pillows for optimal ventilation and peace of mind in caring for your baby.

The Mimos Pillow

Designed by engineers and healthcare professionals.

The Mimos Pillow is designed by a group of passionate, like-minded engineers, with your baby's safety in mind. Each pillow features our unique, patented 'torus' design, consisting of 32 layers of 3D mesh fabric. This ensures even pressure distribution on the baby's soft skull. Additionally, these lightweight layers increase airflow through the pillow, allowing a baby to breathe effortlessly through it.

The solution for Plagiocephaly


The outer layer of the Mimos baby pillow consists of layers that prevent CO2 rebreathing and increase the airflow capacity of the pillow. Your baby can move in different positions during the night and breathe easily through the pillow, regardless of how they choose to sleep.


The 32 layers of 3D mesh uniquely form a patented pressure distribution structure, providing complete comfort for your baby while evenly distributing pressure to support and protect the baby's soft skull. Our unique, breathable, and lightweight layers quickly and evenly disperse moisture, preventing discomfort from baby sweat, spilled milk, or other common baby accidents.


The third layer of the Mimos baby pillow is identical to the outer layer. This means that the pillow can be safely used as it is breathable (TUV certified), allowing your baby to breathe through all layers of material at all times. This makes the product safe against suffocation, regardless of how it is used, even if your baby flips the pillow during the night.

Optimal air circulation

With the Mimos Pillow, you don't have to worry about repositioning your little one during the night. Each size of the Mimos baby pillow is carefully designed to evenly distribute the baby's weight and ensure optimal air circulation thanks to our Airflow 3D mesh fabric. As a result, your baby's delicate head experiences 400% less pressure. This makes Mimos the perfect pillow to prevent and treat plagiocephaly, while allowing your baby to comfortably grow and move during sleep.

Safe and certified baby pillow


The special cavity area acts as a safe and soft cradle, providing enough space for your little one's skull to naturally grow back. Place your baby's head in the center of the cavity to evenly distribute and reduce pressure during sleep. The unique three-dimensional structure of the cavity also promotes airflow, allowing your little one to continue sleeping peacefully, even if they turn towards the pillow while dreaming.


De binnenstructuur van het Mimos-babykussen bestThe inner structure of the Mimos baby pillow consists of 32 delicate layers of 3D mesh fabric. These unique layers form a patented 'torus' shape, evenly distributing pressure and providing nothing but comfort for your little one.


The natural properties of the inner mesh layers regulate your baby's temperature at all times, ensuring they sleep comfortably and healthily. Our unique mesh layers are awarded the Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 certification, the highest certification for baby safety.


Unlike cheaper baby pillows made from synthetic materials that can be dangerous for babies, the Mimos pillow has proudly received the 'Air Safety' award. This means that the pillow has been tested for safe CO2 rebreathing, allowing your baby to breathe through the material. The pillow has been tested in American laboratories and is endorsed by leading doctors worldwide.

Mimos Kussens

Physiotherapists from Kids Physio Group are excited to share why they are so enthusiastic about Mimos Pillows and why they recommend them to their patients. They explain how Mimos Pillows work and what benefits they offer.