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Plagiocephaly - The Solution for a Flat Back of the Head - Mimos® Baby Pillow


Plagiocephaly is the most common craniofacial condition in babies. It is characterized by an asymmetric shape of the skull, where a part of the head is flattened or shifted to one side. Plagiocephaly can have various causes, such as the baby's sleeping position preference or certain physical factors.


Will a flattened head recover?" is a common question. While plagiocephaly often improves naturally as the baby grows and spends more time on their stomach, in some cases intervention may be necessary, such as using the Mimos Pillow, physiotherapy, or other recommendations from a healthcare provider. It's important to seek the right care and guidance for the diagnosis and treatment of plagiocephaly to promote the healthy development of the child.

The solution

How Plagiocephaly Develops

Plagiocephaly develops when the baby adopts a preferential head position for an extended period, often lying predominantly on one side of the head, especially during back sleeping. This can result in disproportionate pressure on the baby's skull, leading to a flattened back of the head or a shifted shape. The pressure on the skull increases when the baby consistently lies in the same direction. Timely awareness and preventive measures can help correct a flattened head.

Mimos Pillow for a Flattened Back of the Head

The Mimos Pillow is specially designed to help prevent and correct plagiocephaly in babies. The baby pillow features a unique design with optimized air channels, distributing pressure evenly across the head. With the right support and positioning of the head, the Mimos Pillow can help promote a symmetrical skull shape and support the healthy development of your baby.

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Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, and Dolichocephaly

Identify Dolichocephaly, Brachycephaly, and Plagiocephaly using this illustration. This visual guide provides insight into the characteristics of these craniofacial abnormalities. The Mimos Pillow is a medically certified Class 1 flat head pillow.

Plagiocephalie and the Mimos Pillow

Physiotherapists from Kids Physio Group share why they are enthusiastic about Mimos Pillows and recommend them to their patients, as well as how Mimos Pillows work.