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Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, and Dolichocephaly

Recognize Dolichocephaly, Brachycephaly, and Plagiocephaly with the help of this illustration. This visual guide provides insight into the characteristics of these craniofacial abnormalities. Click the button below for more detailed information and possible treatments.

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1 in 5 babies

1 in 5 babies experiences head flattening (positional Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, and Scaphocephaly). Diagnosis is based on clinical assessment by a doctor. Mimos Pillows offer an effective solution to correct head flattening.

What are Mimos Pillows?

Mimos pillows are recommended worldwide by doctors, pediatricians, neurosurgeons, and pediatric physiotherapists.

They are made of lightweight, breathable material to improve airflow and ensure your baby can sleep comfortably and safely.

These pillows are medically certified baby pillows specially designed to prevent and correct the symptoms of Plagiocephaly, Scaphocephaly, and Brachycephaly (flat head syndrome). The pillows meet strict conditions and hold various certifications to comply with all regulations.

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Testimonials from Experts

As a pediatric osteopath, I highly recommend the Mimos pillow for babies with plagiocephaly or a flat head. In just a few weeks, this pillow can make a significant difference. It's a product we recommend to parents of babies with a flat head on a daily basis, and we've even mentioned it in our book, Cherished Baby and Child.

Frank Kelleher | Pediatric Osteopath

As an experienced pediatrician, I recommend the Mimos pillow for children with plagiocephaly. It reduces pressure on the skull and reportedly improves skull shape more quickly than without intervention. Since the NHS currently cannot support the purchase of expensive helmets, I prefer to recommend this affordable product.

Dr. G. R. Lawson | Consultant Pediatrics

The Mimos pillow is well-designed. It reduces pressure on the back and sides of the baby's head, and the shape of the pillow helps maintain the baby's neck in a nice position. Additionally, it's made of breathable material, comfortable for the baby and reassuring for the parents.

Pediatric Osteopathic Consultant - Team Leader, Fulham Osteopaths Baby Team

The Mimos pillow is a convenient, simple, and lightweight tool that parents can use and integrate into their sleep routine. It aids in the natural rounding of the baby's head and contributes to resolving a flat back of the head as quickly as possible.

Carly Aspden | Physiotherapist & Clinical Director

I highly recommend the Mimos pillow for use, for instance, in a stroller or crib to prevent and improve the flattening of the delicate bone structure of the skull.

Avni Trivedi | Pediatric Osteopath

We have analyzed a total of 15 different pillow brands on the market, and only the MIMOS® brand pillow appears to be both effective and safe in our assessment.

Dr. Josep Maria I Costa | Head of Neurosurgery, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

We are the leading clinic for manual therapy for plagiocephaly/brachycephaly in Herts. We have been recommending Mimos products for quite some time! We use the Craniometer and straps to assess, measure, and monitor improvement in plagiocephaly. We find the combination of the Craniometer and straps absolutely fantastic and easy to use.

Alex Bidlake-Corser | Clinical Director & Osteopath, The Penn Clinic

I have completed my postgraduate training in specialized osteopathic treatment of children. I regularly see and treat babies with plagiocephaly at my clinic in Reigate. I often recommend adding the pillow to the treatment to achieve the best results. The craniometer is a great tool for objectively measuring progress during treatment.